We want to thank you for visiting the website, and your interest in the People's Campaign to bring true representation back to south/southwestern York county in the 169th Legislative District. It is the role of ALL elected officials to adhere to their oath of office by obeying, upholding, and defending the Constitutions of both PA and the U.S., and effectively represent the populace. Effectively representing includes a constant effort to stay in touch with what the most important public issues are to the People.

Complacency of legislators combined with growing and overreaching state and federal agencies has no place in OUR communities. Outside of military and law enforcement, a "mandate" or "order" does NOT exist in a Representative Constitutional Republic as such that we all reside. "All power is inherent in the people, and all free governments are founded on their authority...."

As a small "r" republican, it is my promise to all Pennsylvanians that:

I will vote to support personal medical freedom and privacy.

I will vote to restore and strengthen election integrity and ID requirements.

I will vote to expand educational freedom.

I will vote to uphold and affirm ALL protected rights under the law and Constitution(s).

I will vote to prevent overreaching preemption of local control by state and federal agencies.

I will vote to cut waste, abuse, and misappropriation of state funds.

I will vote to provide more appropriate funding, training, and oversight to county children, youth, and family agencies.

I will vote to provide more effective oversight and process to prevent fraud and abuse of public welfare and unemployment programs.

I will vote to clarify, amend, or repeal any law that is unclear, incomplete, redundant, or against protected rights.

I will NOT vote in support of government lockdowns of any kind that violate personal Liberty.

I will NOT vote for any net tax or fee increase.

I will NOT vote for any budget or spending bill to give any new power or expansion to government.

I will NOT vote for or against anything solely for the purpose of partisan blocking.

I WILL REFUSE/DECLINE participation in the state employee pension plan, I will NOT add to PA's $67 billion in unfunded liabilities.

Our Republic is at a crossroads of ideology. Those who wish to destroy rights and freedoms, and expand government must not be allowed to succeed in their mission. More government control, perversion of young minds, and bloated taxation and spending is NOT the solution, it is a major problem. We stand together to return our lives to order, with the goal of bringing the American Dream back into our sights once again, and thrive, to live without constant intervention.

See the About tab to learn more about me and my experience in so many areas that keeps me in touch with many issues. I am not a politician, I am an unapologetic, unashamed, constitutionalist that is willing to stand up and make YOUR voices always heard.

See the Contribute tab and do your part to ensure we have the needed resources to successfully upset the establishment with public outreach and a sweeping victory. The republican primary is in a few short months, and the general election in November. Together we are strong. Together we make the changes to a worsening broken system that we need now more than ever.

A campaign OF, BY, and FOR the People, M Smith For The People.