Upcoming Events

We are actively organizing and growing the team to help organize many events in our community.

The most important aspect of our mission is not to spend campaign funds on lavish venues and events. It is much more important to support our small businesses; the very businesses that were ordered to suffer detrimental losses if they were not a life sustaining business, and bullied by threat of revoking licensing and criminal penalties/fines. This was all while the state liquor monopoly and corporate powerhouses were allowed to increase sales. Thousands of small businesses in PA didn't survive; lives, reputations, and families were ruined.

We are doing many meet and greet pop-up's at small businesses around the district every week. Not only to show our support and solidarity for the life-blood of our community, but to personally hear the concerns of the People.

If you or someone you know would like to host a pop-up event, contact us immediately to coordinate dates/times. Not only does this expand public knowledge of the products/services your business provides, but it brings the community closer together for common goals, and to learn about history and local & state government process.

Be sure to follow on Facebook for event update calendar and all the exciting happenings. We stand together.